Ross Magnaye, Serai

Young Guns

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Ross Magnaye, the chef behind Serai, defies the traditional restaurant norms and brings a unique party atmosphere to the dining scene. With his rockstar aura, including tattoos, chains, and slicked-back hair, he exudes calm confidence amid the restaurant's energetic service.

A Sensory Feast at Serai

Serai offers a sensory extravaganza, from block-rocking beats pulsing through the room to the hypnotic dance of flames in the hearth, creating an enticing atmosphere. Guests are treated to a plethora of tempting smells, and the best part is the taste experience yet to come.

Filipino-Spanish Heritage and Culinary Inspiration

Ross Magnaye's culinary journey is deeply rooted in his Filipino-Spanish background and upbringing in Australia. His love for traditional Filipino flavors, influenced by his grandmother's cooking and family trips to the Philippines, plays a significant role in his culinary philosophy.

The Serai Journey: From Europe to Australia

Magnaye's culinary journey took him around the world, from Melbourne to Brazil, Thailand, Spain, and even Bulgaria. His return to Australia and partnership with Shane Stafford led to the birth of Serai, which initially didn't look promising to Magnaye but ultimately became a unique dining establishment.

Modern Australian Cuisine with a Filipino Twist

Serai's cuisine is a fusion of Modern Australian with Filipino influences. Magnaye aims to highlight modern Australian produce while adding a Filipino twist, creating dishes like the wagyu short rib 'Bistek' and Gippsland lamb ribs with sticky 'adobo' sauce, offering a blend of nostalgia and delicious flavors.

Fun, Accessible, and Community-Oriented Dining

Magnaye's vision for Serai goes beyond just food; he wants the restaurant to be fun, accessible, and memorable for everyone. He values the Filipino tradition of sharing food and aims to represent this culture in his restaurant. The community's support and the joy of working with people are the most rewarding aspects of his culinary journey.