Summer Lamb

This masterclass talks about all things Australian summer lamb, and is led by corporate chef at Meat & Livestock Australia, Sam Burke. Summer Lamb is the biggest campaign for sheep meat producers and we want to draw your attention to it so that your food service is primed and ready to make the most of this campaign.

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Lamb Leg


Derived from the hindquarter, there are two legs per animal accounting for around 30% of the total lamb carcase. Leg is prepared by the removal of the chump using a right angle cut at the back of the hip bone.

The shank is usually tipped at the caudal level of the shin meat on the tibia. A thin layer of covering fat is generally left to assist in retaining juiciness during cooking. Tender and flavoursome, the leg is traditionally roasted whole or deboned and butterflied; however, its three distinct muscles – knuckle, silverside and topside, can be sub-primaled to create a range of smaller roasts, steaks and chops.

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Cut Two Ways

Summer Lamb cooked by two different chefs

Lucas Restaurants partnered with Australian Lamb to develop and promote special lamb dishes over the January period at Chin Chin, Hawker Hall and Grill Americano – featured here are the dishes of chefs Benjamin Cooper of Chin Chin and Andrea Kok of Hawker Hall.

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Red Meat Eats

Top five red meat trends around Australia

Welcome to our first Red Meat Eats video – a visual showcase of what is trending at foodservice venues around the country. Scheduled to be produced twice-yearly in August and February, Red Meat Eats gives you an insight into the hottest and coolest red meat dishes, from fine dining to fast casual, and all the tasty treats in between.

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