Raph Rashid

Doing It Raph's Way

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When Raph started his food truck business in 2009 he had no experience and had never even driven a manual car, let alone a truck! Now with six food trucks and two venues, Raph’s story is one of determination, drive and doing it yourself.

Raph Rashid, a food truck pioneer with a successful culinary empire, shares his insights into starting your own business and staying true to your vision.

Defining Your Business Goals

Raph advises potential entrepreneurs to determine what they want to achieve from their business. It's essential to clarify your objectives, whether they involve making money, self-expression, community impact, or personal fulfillment.

Identifying Your Customer

Raph emphasizes the importance of understanding your customer base. Defining who your customer is and where to find them is crucial. It's not a fixed concept but needs to be clear and adaptable to your business's evolving needs.

Raph's Impressive Journey

Raph Rashid is the brains behind three Beatbox Kitchen burger trucks, three Taco Trucks, a Beatbox Kitchen diner, and Juanita Peaches, a burger and donut shop. He is a multi-talented artist, author, and entrepreneur known for his contributions to the food truck scene.

A DIY Approach

Raph's passion for doing things himself is evident throughout his career. He has a history of deep dives into various subcultures, from hip-hop to skateboarding, graffiti, and now food. His commitment to learning and an unrelenting desire to improve himself is a driving force in his success.

The Importance of Making Things Happen

Raph's wife, Beci Orpin, describes him as a unique and motivated individual who excels at making things happen. He continually seeks personal growth and has boundless energy. Raph's love for food and satisfaction derived from cooking and providing for others fuels his endeavors.

Learning from Mistakes

Raph acknowledges the steep learning curve when he began his food truck venture. From missing staff to power circuit issues, he encountered numerous challenges. Despite setbacks, he persevered, learned from his mistakes, and evolved his business.

Sharing Knowledge

Raph is open about his success and willingly shares his culinary knowledge. He discusses details of his burgers, such as the blend of meats and the importance of texture. He emphasizes the importance of not pre-seasoning meat and shares insights into creating the perfect burger.

Understanding the Art of the Burger

Raph's profound understanding of hamburgers is remarkable. He delves into aspects like proportion, patty shrinkage, and the perfect sauce tang. He shares the history of burgers in Australia, demonstrating how he bridges the gap between fast food chains and independent burger stands.

Creating the Raph Burger

Raph's signature Raph burger combines gouda cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onion, emphasizing balance in flavors without relying on heavy sauces. He explains how he adjusted patty size and texture to cater to customer expectations.

Quality Meat and Butcher Relationships

Raph highlights the importance of high-quality meat and collaborating with a trusted butcher. He uses a mixture of cuts like chuck, brisket, flank, and knuckle, focusing on minimal meat shrinkage and excellent fat content. Building a rapport with a reliable butcher is vital.

A Sustainable Path to Success

For Raph, success means being profitable without confusing it with greed. He measures success by customer satisfaction and return business. His ultimate goal is to run a bustling business that is sustainable, profitable, and provides valuable learning opportunities for his team.

Raph Rashid's journey is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and commitment to quality. His hands-on, DIY approach and willingness to share his knowledge have made him a trailblazer in the culinary world, particularly in the food truck industry.