Classic Bites 5

2 min read

Host Mitch Orr goes on a journey with chef Peter Conistis of Alpha to Sydney's oldest Greek restaurant Diethnes in the CBD where they try the famous moussaka and lamb shoulder. They then head back to Alpha to recreate the two classic dishes.

Diethnes : A Family Legacy

Diethnes has been a family-owned restaurant for over 70 years, with clients spanning four generations.John's father still helps out and guards their traditional recipes.

The Iconic Greek Roast Lamb

Peter highlights the significance of Greek roast lamb in their culture, connecting it to religious events and the rich tradition of lamb in Greek cuisine in Australia.

A Modern Twist

Peter demonstrates his modern twist on classic Greek dishes by creating a pot-roasted lamb neck with moussaka flavors, combining tradition with innovation.

Peter explains how he emulates the crispy bits found on traditional moussaka with crispy fried eggplant and sweetbreads, adding a unique touch to the dish.

The dish is beautifully plated with smoked eggplant, tender lamb, honey drizzle, fresh herbs, pomegranate seeds, and fermented grapes, creating a harmonious and visually stunning presentation.